thanks for the few that helped with and came out to the shows. this will be the last time we tour for we do not know how long. we will always be writing, and always want to share that with people. some leftover stuff and a few more copies of the record are up on the webstore. keep on


short tour on the west coast in a few days- we will have copies of ‘will the dust praise you’ with us and we will also have a tan maybe

march 15- Oakland – Shirley Temple of Doom (house show-670 32nd st.)

march 16- SF – TBA maybe but probably just burritos

march 17- Los Angeles – Bridgetown DIY

march 22- Carpenteria, CA – Carpenteria Library

march 23- Santa Cruz – Metavinyl

march 24- Sacramento – The Colony (3512 stockton blvd)


56290020whats left of the records are up from this first pressing. there is even a few special editions left. get em while you can right HERE. tour is almost over, thank you to everyone who helped out and came out. see you all soon. patiently awaiting the goddamn hover van that renders tires obsolete.

the digital version of Will The Dust Praise You is finally available right here. west coast tour starts in 2 days, dates below.

a little information on the vinyl. the pre-orders sold out far quicker than we wouldve ever expected, but upon return from tour we plan on putting up another run of whats left of this pressing of the standard version of the EP for sale through our online store.

we will have 50 of the limited edition records for sale throughout the tour.

hope to see everyone out

tour in May. we will have copies of the new record available at the shows. Preorders are almost sold out. hope to see you out

MAY 6- Portland, OR @ Valentines

MAY 7- Olympia, WA @ The Palace Flophouse (120 Phoenix St NE Olympia, WA 98506)

MAY 8- Seattle, WA @ Gnarwhal

MAY 10- San francisco, CA @ Thé Ouija Bar (the fortress) 214 clara st. between 5th and 6th

MAY 11- Oakland, CA @ TBA

MAY 12- Los Angeles, CA @TBA

MAY 14-San Juan, CA – Los Ríos Rockschool

MAY 16- Santa Cruz, CA @ Metavinyl

MAY 17- Sacramento, CA @ Casa de Chaos

driving as fast as possible home may 18 to see cannibal corpse

-click the image to be taken to the the order page to preorder the new EP-

-we are also going to be doing a special edition of the pressing, limited to 100 copies total (half taken with us on tour, and half sold online). the special edition includes prints created specifically for each track by Thomas Sara. Originally lithograph prints, they are being reproduced by offset printing and letterpress by David Dresbach. hand numbered and assembled by us.

click to get

click to get





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